The Family Unit Works Best Together

Everyone in the family has an important role and responsibility. In the family unit, each role is vital to the success of every member. Families are at their strongest when they work together with love and harmony. As we support and interact with each other, we are growing our relationships with each other and becoming more knit together as one. Now I know that no family is perfect and that contention is something that is almost always present in our homes. I know that in my family whenever we have a problem or someone in the family is struggling, if we all work together to overcome those trials that we are blessed and our relationships flourish as we grow in our faith and love for each other.

As the oldest child in my family I understand how important it is to be a good role model for my younger siblings. While I am not always perfect, I try to conduct myself in a way that I can influence and stand as a good example not only for those in my family, but those who I am around.

Every member of the family has an important role to play, whether it be homemaker, provider, or peacemaker, without everyone being responsible for their role, the family unit will suffer and begin to crumble. In my house we have certain rules to make sure everyone does their part to contribute to the family each day. We have our daily chores which consist of cleaning our room and a room of the house. By fulfilling our jobs, we lighten the load upon my mother’s shoulders and get to partake of the blessings of being a part of our family.

Together We are Stronger

As we work together to contribute and strengthen our family, the bonds that hold us together will continue to grow in strength and love for one another.


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