Culture and Diversity Within the Family and Our Community

America, whether we like it or not, is split up into classes. Everyone is born into different families with different situations. In preparation for class we were asked to watch several Youtube clips, one of which was People Like Us. It briefly covers how in our world, people judge your appearance and automatically classify you based off of nothing but how you look. Some of the basic classes that people classify with include: Higher class, middle class, and lower class.

Every family has a different background and culture that directs their decisions and actions. Our destiny is determined by our choices today. If we plan carefully and strive for greatness in every thing we do, we will succeed and reap the rewards that come with that. For example, I have been blessed to live in a family that believes education is of vital importance to our future successes. Because of their expectations, love, and support all of my siblings have either graduated, or are still attending High School. I have also been blessed to be able to attend this wonderful University here in Rexburg. I am learning so much that will help me to provide and nourish my future home. Because of my education I will be able to help my children grow and develop to their greatest potential.

Our culture and diversity is such an integral part of our lives and daily decisions. No two people are alike. Within the family, every member is different in their likes, dislikes, and personalities. With the diversity in the family, it helps us to work and grow together because while you may have weaknesses, someone in the family may have those strengths. Together you can form a complete family unit and work together to strengthen each other.


For example, in a bouquet of flowers, each one is different and unique. With the combination of all the different kinds of flowers, the contrast and variation of the display, creates a harmonious and beautiful combination. All the different colors work together in complementing each other to create a masterpiece.


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