Does it Really Matter How Many Children I Have?

Recently in my Family Relations class we have been talking about how important the family is and how much it matters that we get married and have children. We talked about how if you took a sample of 1 million people and they all had one child, in about 20 generations they would end up with one child. While that is quite drastic and surprising how little time it took, if you think about it, that one child would not have any relatives or any other family beyond their parents.

We then talked about how much of a toll that would have on the one child. They would be extremely lonely, and may suffer from depression, and have a hard time relating to others. Having family relations is one of the most important things we can do while we are here on earth. We are to cultivate and strengthen our relationships, and together draw closer to them and to God. Having a strong relationship with those who surround you brings more happiness and joy to your life. It also helps you to be comfortable around others, and makes it a little easier to be sociable.

In my extended family, we all make each other stronger and the love we share is immeasurable. We will do anything for each other, to help uplift and and help one another.


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